We will try to answer your Frequently Asked Questions here.

What do I need to do to attend a jam / song / story swap session?

Nothing! Just show up at the breakout room for the desired session with your instrument / voice / story.

What sound settings should I have for a jam or song or story swap session?

Whoever is leading a tune at the moment will have their mike unmuted, and everyone else will mute theirs and play/sing along with the leader. Then someone else will lead a tune or song or story.

Can I play/sing along with the tune/song leader?

Yes! We hope that you will play or sing along. However, please keep your own mike muted if you are not the current tune/song/story leader.

What sort of songs will be sung?

Any type you like. However, we want to encourage audience participation, and songs with choruses work best for this.

Can I bring an intrument to the song swap?

Sure. All instruments are welcome. However, please keep your own mike muted if you are not the current song leader.

What if I want to lead a tune or a song or tell a story?

We will have a host moderating each session, and they will keep things moving along. Each breakout room for tune and song and story swap sessions will also have its very own chat box. Please let that host know what you’d like to share and they will do their best to accommodate you.

Is there any special jam or song or story session etiquette?

Be polite and respectful of others. Other than that, we are letting the host for each session determine the exact session etiquette / protocols.

Is the hambone workshop about cooking?

No. It’s about making fun percussion using hands, knees, and other parts of your body.

Do I need to bring anything to the hambone workshop?

Just a chair or stool to sit on in front of the webcam. 

What is the “Caller’s Brown Bag” discussion?

Just an informal round-table of callers and other interested folks. This will be a relaxed discussion — about things that callers think about (or not). We’ll share stories and thoughts from the stage. Anyone can attend who calls dances or is learning to call or is interested in hearing about the behind-the-scenes craft of calling.