Iron Dancer

Short version:

There will be no official ribbons this year.

TLDR version

This year any proceeds that we would have budgeted to festooning Roadhouse dancers with colorful ribbons will instead be directed toward supporting Northwest Folklife and the Country Dance and Song Society. However, please feel free to make your own well-deserved badge of honor and wear it proudly during our Pi-Day party. We’d love to see what you come up with.

Brief history of the Iron and Titanium Dancer Awards:

In the previous world order, back when physical dancing was safe, the Iron Dancer Award was given to those hardy souls who danced at four or more events of the Cascade Promenade. In order to receive the Iron Dancer Award you had to attend the Portland Roadhouse dance on Sunday. For those looking to go above and beyond, the Titanium Dancer Award recognized dancers who attended a total of FIVE or more events! In other words:

To earn the Iron Dancer Award: attend 3 Cascade Promenade dances plus the Portland Roadhouse.

To earn the Titanium Dancer Award: attend 4 Cascade Promenade dances plus the Portland Roadhouse.

Dance passports were available at all dance locations on Wednesday – Sunday. You would have your passport stamped at each dance you attended, and then drop off your completed passport at the Portland Roadhouse admissions table to receive acknowledgment of your worthy accomplishment!

For a complete list of eligible events and links to individual event websites one could visit

Also, we highly encouraged wearing your awards from previous years to all of the Cascade Promenade events!

Iron Dancers in years past

Iron dancers 1 Iron dancers 2

Titanium Dancers in years past

Titanium dancers 1 Titanium dancers 2