Schedule 2014

Here is the 2014 schedule.

Slot #1: 11:00-12:05
Caller: Brooke Friendly
Band: Hot Cider String Band
Slot #2: 12:15-1:20
Caller: William Watson
Band: Hands4
Slot #3: 1:30-2:35
Callers: Noah Grunzweig and Laurel Thomas
Band: Full Moon
Slot #4: 2:45-3:50
Caller: Rich Goss
Band: Red Crow
Slot #5: 4:00-5:05
Caller: Suzanne Girardot
Band: Riffraff
Slot #6: 5:15- 6:20
Caller: Lindsey Dono
Band: The Nettles
Slot #7: 6:30-7:35
Caller: Woody Lane
Band: The Euphemists
Slot #8: 7:45-9:00
Caller: Mike Richardson
Band: The Quarks
Lanny Martin — piano and accordion; Lori Prime — fiddle; Sarah Goss — oboe & winds; Jon Neff — mandolin & guitar; From Corvallis: Kristen Falk — percussion.
The Lanny Martin Revue is a great and powerful band led by that incomparable pianist, Lanny Martin. Lori Prime lights up on fiddle, Jon Neff keeps it interesting on guitar, and Sarah Goss adds nicely on whistles and oboe. Sarah will also keep us rich with bass sound, percussionist Kristen Falk will have you tapping your feet to the beat, and Lanny will hold our beat steady with his rock solid piano playing. The band is based out of Portland and Corvallis. (from
Portland resident Tarka Ayres called her first contra dance in October, 2011. She’s since called regularly at the Portland open mike dances, and has honed her skills by calling full evenings in Coos Bay and Astoria. (from
Experienced caller Sherry Nevins from Seattle has long delighted dancers throughout the Northwest with her exciting calling and fun evenings. She delights in working with all sorts of bands and making dancers happy. At Folklife, she has called contras with marimba ensembles and western swing bands. In addition to her extensive array of contras and squares, she has written many well-known dances and also specializes in calling family dances designed for the very young dancers and their parents. A mainstay of the Seattle dance scene, Sherry has organized the weekly Thursday dances for more than 25 years. (from
Eric started calling in 1996 and called in California and Colorado before moving Seattle in 2006. A mechanical engineer working for Boeing, he now enjoys calling in Washington, Oregon and British Columbia on a semi-regular basis. In his spare time, he likes to hike, snowshoe, camp, visit friends and family, play music, and of course, dance and call. (from
Shawn Lockery — fiddle; Paul Clements — fiddle; Ambo Daugherty — tenor banjo; Wes Messinger — guitar;
Based in Eugene, the Eugene City Barnstormers is a string band dedicated to fun times. The band prefers two lane roads. For over 10 years the Barnstormers’ boys have traveled rural Oregon together, playing country dances, community events and gatherings of all sorts, all in search of sparkling moments when dancers, musicians, friends and family join together in motion, music and on occasion, mayhem. Shawn Lockery plays fiddle, Wes Messinger plays guitar, Paul Clements plays fiddle, Ambo Daugherty plays the banjo, and Cliff Kentros plays the bass. The Eugene Barnstormers enjoy long sets of traditional dance tunes played in their own storming sort of way, beckoning folks from all walks of life to lay aside their concerns, stretch out, loosen up and move, move, move. Beyond the dance halls, the band plays on, visiting tunes and songs familiar, and not, till deep sleep comes to all. Come on out and have some fun with the Eugene Barnstormers. (from
Sue has been calling dances all over the Pacific Northwest since 2001. Sue says “Dancing is a joy and I try to make every one a wonderful experience for everyone in the hall.” From her store of “dorky” wedding dances to complex technical dances, she’s danced most of them and draws on the ones she thinks each crowd will like and be successful at. And as she likes to add, “It’s just a dance.” (from
Betsy Branch — fiddle; Mark Douglass — piano; Jeff Kerssen-Griep — guitar, percussion; From Salem: Todd Silverstein — bouzouki, whistle, saxophone
Popular foursome Wild Hair stirs up contra dance floors with addictively propulsive fiddle tunes from several traditions, including home-grown. Swingy fiddler Betsy Branch, multi-instrumentalist Todd Silverstein (pennywhistle, bouzouki, sax), percussive guitarist Jeff Kerssen-Griep and syncopacious pianist Mark Douglass sync up a harmonious, giddy-hot ensemble sound that’s feisty and grooved, creatively graceful, ferocious, and funfunfun, with contagious good humor tailored to your feet. You can sample tracks from their CD “Buzz Cuts” at (from

Rich Goss was introduced to contra dancing in 1990 in Austin, Texas and was immediately hooked. He began calling dances in 1992 with the help of a good friend, and called at open mikes at the Austin Wednesday contra dance. Expanding his contra horizons to include regular calling gigs, playing for and organizing dances, he has a feel for what makes a dance fun, and a concise teaching style that makes contra dancing seem easy. A recent transplant to the west coast, Rich is now living in Portland, Oregon, calling and dancing in the Pacific Northwest. A dance gypsy his whole dancing life, he has collected many interesting and fun dances in addition to composing a few dances of his own. Rich played with the band Mockingbird in Austin, and currently plays with Cascade Crossing. He also plays with the Celtic band Talisman.

Rich has called dances from Vancouver, BC to San Diego, CA to Houston, TX, for events ranging from large to small, novice to experienced. He enjoys calling fun accessible dances with a clear concise teaching style. Always with a good natured, easy going style. (from

William Watson, a resident of Eugene, OR, danced his first contra in 1989 and began calling in Texas in 1992. Having called numerous contra events in cities coast-to-coast, William’s extensive experience and soothing voice project a calm confidence. His vigilant and thoughtful dance programming ensures a variety of figures, transitions, and sequences to entertain and support new dancers while offering the occasional challenge for the more advanced. His calling proficiency and sensitivities ensure everyone has a good time. (from
George Penk — fiddle; Sue Songer — piano, fiddle; Erik Weberg — flute, harmonica, bombarde; Jeff Kerssen-Griep — guitar, djembe; (Kathleen Towers — fiddle to 2010)
Take a ride with these longtime Portland contra dance musicians as they lock into four-wheel turbo-drive atop the hall. Sue Songer’s swinging piano and Jeff Kerssen-Griep’s flywheel guitar syncopate the pistons; George Penk’s hot fiddle carves expert curves through the tunes while Erik Weberg’s fluid flute, punchy harmonica and stunning bombarde season the wild ride. Known from B.C. to the Bay Area for its lift-y arrangements and innovative universe of ‘borrowed’ (heh heh) Northern and Southern tunes — including a few careening two-fiddle old-time sets — Joyride excels at matching tunes with dance moves for maximum positive zoom. Expect to grin, flow, levitate, swing and howl! (from
A caller for more than 25 years, Woody Lane from Roseburg is known for his smooth contras, fast squares, and superb programming. His teaching style is clear and concise. Also an accomplished clogger, he often accompanies the band as a foot percussionist, raising the energy level on the dance floor to wonderful heights. Woody has brought his exciting brand of calling to dances from Alaska to Boston to Florida, and he has a growing reputation throughout the country. (from
Laura Brophy — fiddle; Kevin Johnsrude — guitars; Michael Proctor — bass; Brian Bucolo — percussion;
The Nettles are well-known on the West Coast for their original approach to contra dance music. Playing traditional music from all over the world, The Nettles create a strong rhythmic groove under soaring improvisations. Rhythmic drive and melodic fluidity allow The Nettles to propel contra dances into the stratosphere. (from